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Total Plan Management

‚ÄčTotal Plan Management (TPM) leverages leading technology to simplify the administration of employer-sponsored defined contribution plans. TPM services are designed for employers who wish to allocate greater resources to their own business objectives, rather than spending effort managing retirement benefits.

Our dedicated consulting team of professionals works directly with clients to manage all aspects of their defined contribution plan. Advanced reporting provides employers with peace of mind, helping assure plan compliance. Our secure portal enables 401k plan participants to access their accounts online.

TPM is 100% open architecture, providing for complete investment flexibility, without proprietary fund requirements. Fees are transparent and all sources of compensation are disclosed to responsible plan fiduciaries. Complimentary consultations or proposal inquiries may be arranged by calling (888) 565-401k.

Service Features

  • Dedicated Consulting Service Team
  • Professionally Qualified, Engagement Lead
  • Periodic plan reviews, scheduled at Employer convenience
  • Benchmarking reports, enabling Employers to compare their retirement benefits with local, regional, and national competitors
  • Full service annual administration, with signature ready Form 5500
  • Employer contribution forecasting and budgeting
  • Management report to assist with annual pension audit
  • Account statements and required notices sent directly to participant mailing addresses
  • Participant educational resources, including retirement savings and income adequacy modeling

Investment Features

  • 15,000+ mutual fund investment options*
  • Common collective trust options
  • Company stock investment option
  • Asset allocated investment portfolios available
  • Brokerage window options available
  • No proprietary fund requirements
  • Commission-free investment contributions, exchanges, and rebalances**
  • Recapture mutual fund revenue sharing

Technology Features

  • 24/7 access to secure Participant and Employer websites
  • Automated recurring account rebalance options
  • On-demand reporting
  • Paperless distributions (eDistributions)
  • Paperless participant loan requisitions (eLoans)
  • Personalized retirement account rate of return

* Research suggests offering more than twelve investment alternatives creates inertia and adversely impacts plan participation. Spectrum can collaborate with Employers or their Fiduciary Advisers to structure an appropriate investment menu.

** Certain investments may impose trade restrictions and assess short-term redemption fees. Short-term redemption fees are set by investment management companies and are not controlled by Spectrum. Such fees, if any, are disclosed within the investment's prospectus. Always review the prospectus before investing.